Ute Klinkhardt, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Ute joined Speransa Therapeutics in 2022 as VP Clinical Development.

Ute has more than 20 years of experience in the biotechnology/ -pharmaceutical industry and academic setting. She has served in clinical development lead positions with growing responsibilities at different biotech- and pharma companies including MediGene, Merck KGaA, CureVac, Boehringer Ingelheim and T-knife. Ute has almost exclusively focused on early clinical development with a strong focus on immuno-oncology and was previously involved in the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines based on different vaccine platform technologies.

Before entering the Industry, Ute worked as a Clinical Pharmacologist at the University Hospital Frankfurt with a particular focus on early drug development in hemostaseology. Her research area comprised strategies targeting platelet-leucocyte interaction and point- of-care test developments for therapeutic drug-monitoring.

Ute is a board-certified Clinical Pharmacologist. She received har MD degree from the JWG University Frankfurt and was trained in virology, pediatrics and clinical pharmacology at the University Hospital Tübingen and Frankfurt.

Ute also holds a Diploma in Multimedia Production and dedicated herself as Creative & Art Director to the creation of 3D animation- and visualization for the bio-/pharmaceutical industry.

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